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ABCOM has been always in forefront of the ever changing IT technologies.  Right from the days when the world switched from DOS to Windows, ABCOM has been always in the front to adapt the new technologies. Let it be MS-Windows, COM, OLE, Java, J2EE, Web Services, SOA, ESB, BPEL, or the latest Mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 7, ABCOM has been a forerunner. The founders of ABCOM who are world recognized technocrats along with their highly skilled team members have provided solutions to many MNCs and Fortune 500 companies in these technology areas and have many established products in world markets.

ABCOM’s focus has been in consulting, training and product development in cutting-edge and emerging technologies. So if you are technology savvy, get in touch with us to meet your any challenging custom requirements.
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We do undertake customized project-based trainings on cutting-edge and emerging technologies. We also undertake customized mobile app development for iOS and Android markets.
About us
With over 30 years of IT consulting experience, our current focus for past 3 to 4 years is in development of mobile applications. Check out our wide range of iOS and Android applications.